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Eliminate guesswork from blogging, avoid overspending, get organic traffic.We create bulletproof onpage SEO & content plans for SaaS websites.

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SEO matters. Blogging matters.

It's always discouraging to have a better products and fall back due to a messy website and pointless blog posts.Your audience still googles things relevant to them - and always will.If you're not getting those clicks, your competitors are.Building out your website is a long-term game, but you get rewarded with cheap and consistent organic traffic months later.

Tushar Sharma, Founder

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Our workflow

With us you get a long-term partner for everything related to blog strategy and onpage SEO.The most value comes when you take advantage of the full-cycle content strategy services we offer.Frequent audits help make sure you make data-driven decisions and stay on the right track.

In 2022 alone we've helped over 30 SaaS businesses double their organic traffic.

Who we are

5+ years of focus on content strategy

We are WebCopyLand - an agency exclusively focused on content strategy services.None of what we do comes from AI tools or generic reports: only business-centric manual keyword, niche, and competition research.In over 5 years we've helped grow hundreds of sites grown in all niches - which means traffic and revenue for clients' sites.Our SaaS program helps both new and established SaaS businesses make sure their website and blog are as good as they can be in terms of SEO.

Currently we provide over 30 SaaS businesses worldwide with blog planning and audit services.We come up with blog post ideas that work even for the toughest niches.Get in touch with us and let's find out if we are a good fit!


SaaS content strategy services to help you grow

Our SaaS clients find the most value in content planning, audit, and keyword research & mapping services we provide.The pricing starts at $300 and depends on the amount of pages and blog posts we're planning out for you.

blog content planning

We research and produce a list of blog post suggestions that address your target market's pain points and interests.The deliverable is a writer-ready content plan.Only manual & business-centric research. Keywords, competitors, trends, niche analysis, and more.

Website content audit

Onpage optimization and topic suggestions based on first-hand analytics data straight from Google.If you have over 50 pages indexed on Google, a content audit can boost their traffic up to 20% in several months without paying for new content.

Keyword research & mapping

Double-check that your site's pages are optimized for the best keywords possible & make sure there is no cannibalization.Avoid wasting money throwing links at messy SaaS websites.

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